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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

What are bronze dies in pasta?

On a microscopic level, bronze dies extrude a pasta that is rougher with far more surface area for sauce to cling to. These days, when bronze dies are used, artisans are often using higher quality durum semolina that will offer a toothsome bite, a lovely wheat flavor, and an all-around better, tastier end product.

Bronze pasta dies are more traditional but more expensive to buy and use. But the real difference is in the quality of the pasta noodles that come out is really good. Pasta produced in bronze pasta dies, known as bronze-cut pasta, has a golden color and a rougher, more porous texture. Bronze-cut pasta is better because it has a golden color and pasta sauce clings better to it. Its surface, filled with tiny imperfections, captures small particles of sauce saturated with aroma and flavor. If you want your home-cooked pasta meals to look, smell, and taste better, cook mostly with bronze-cut

LA FORKETTA use Bronze dies and organic kamut flour for all our pasta making.

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